For many Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Interpreters, and Translators starting and growing a business can be overwhelming, stressful, and very challenging…NOT TO WORRY – I GOT YOU!

The Boss Up and Rise Podcast. A podcast by an Entrepreneur & former CEO for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Interpreters, and future CEOs

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Weekly Podcast

Tune in every Friday and get innovative and transformational episodes to help motivate you, inspire you regardless of where you’re at in your journey; Entrepreneur, Interpreter, Freelancer, Start-up, or future CEO.

Real Life stories ‘NO BS, NO GIMMICKS, and NO FUSS!

For motivated Entrepreneurs + future CEOs

A podcast created for motivated entrepreneurs, freelancers, interpreters, translators, and future CEOs. The Boss Up and Rise Podcast goal and mission is to inspire you, motivate you, and help you with your journey.

This podcast is for you, if you need help with the following topics:

I touch on everything from; business management, sales and marketing, crisis management, recruiting, training and development, technology including but not limited to all aspects of life, business, health and lets not forget about self-care; health and fitness, the mommy entrepreneur, struggles, and finally the challenges that we all face on a daily basis as entrepreneurs.

I watched your video “How o start your business and become and entrepreneur and interpreter” and I really liked it. I was able to relate to some of the anecdotes you shared. I’m an interpreter and I would like to start my own interpreting/translation business. I greatly appreciate all your help!!!

Alvaro, Spanish Interpreter